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At the age of 20 I decided I wanted to work, make money and be independent, so I completed junior college, never finishing my bachelors to start a career in the computer industry. There was no lower place to start in the world of IBM mainframe computers than the job of a "computer operator." The first systems I worked on were the size of an SUV and not nearly as powerful as your cell phone.

I worked my way up through the ranks until I became a Systems Programmer, eventually working for C&H Sugar in the Bayarea for 11 years; at which point we moved to the Seattle Area in October 2000 for my wife Carol's career opportunity in the life insurance industry.

Photo by David Thomas, 2009. Dubrovnik, Croatia

At this point I gave up on the mainframe world and went back to my artistic roots. All through high school and college I took just about every art class available to me. So I taught myself both graphic and web design once I was here in the NW and have worked for myself ever since.

I got my first Canon Rebel film camera when they were first introduced and dabbled in it as a hobby for about 7 years. Once Canon announced the first really serious digital SLR in 2002, the D60, I decided to jump into the world of digital photography and to take it much more seriously; as it made sense to be able to incorporate it into my web and graphic design work. DSLR's offer you the chance to shoot without worrying about the cost of film or processing, but most importantly you get instant feedback.

While there is still a small niche for traditional film, the digital world greatly increases your artistic options. It also allowed me to use my 20 years of computer skills, so it was a very natural fit for me. I still own a Canon EOS-1n film body and have some of Fuji Velvia film yet to be exposed.

I currently use the Canon 5D Mark III, which shoots at about 23 megapixels.

As is obvious from my portfolio here, my subject matter is about as varied as possible. I love shooting every genre, and feel no need to constrain myself to any particular niche. I don't always shoot or display work that's commercially successful, but prefer to do art that pleases my eye. But like most photographers, you will find me hyper-critical of my own work. Photography is not only an artistic medium, but highly technical as well. The technical aspect is the one that drives most photographers nuts; for every great shot, you can always remember the ones that "got away" because you messed up some setting on the camera. Quite often there are no "do-overs" in photography.

However, one of my favorite challenges is photo journalism. Because of Carol's job, we've been able to travel to many foreign destinations and I love to try and capture images that give the viewer a feel for what that place is like. The finished product is a Flash slideshow put to music. These are free to watch here on my website. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


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