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Printed on 'Elegance Velvet' paper. 13x19 Print: $70,
Canvas Wrap: $80

This image took a long time to get from my PC to the wall. Even though it's probably my 'signature' piece at this point.

After a rainstorm in Mill Creek, WA, the sun came out and all the droplets in the trees were lighting up. I intentioanlly focused 'into' the tree with a very narrow depth of field, this caused the out of focus water drops in the foreground to become huge orbs of light.

Still, I couldn't get the printed result I wanted and so a whole series of shots sat on my hard drive for almost 2 years as I couldn't really figure out what to do with any of them. I finally decided to experiment in Photoshop.

By removing a lot of color I was able to get the effect I was finally after. Some people have requested this image in different colors/shades and because of how it was processed, I'm able to alter it to different parts of the color spectrum so that it pleases most anyone's eye, as well as matching the color scheme of your house.

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