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Printed on 'Elegance Velvet' paper. 13x19 Print: $70,
Canvas Wrap: $120

Like the "droplets" image before, this one also took a long time to get from my PC to the wall.

I spotted this door in a small village about an hour outside of Budapest, Hungary.

When shooting I was concentrating on wider shots, but wasn't loving what I was seeing through the viewfinder because we were passing through at the wrong time of day and the light wasn't right, so I couldn't get very excited about it. I took one close up shot almost as an afterthough, just recently I started playing around with it when I finally realized that this image was full of the kind of texture I'm always on the look out for.

This can be printed on many types of paper and look good, but canvas seems to suit it best. If a gallery wrap mounting is something you like, then consider that for this image, since it looks like you can walk up grab the handle and open the door to see what's inside.

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