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I'm very excited to announce that I'm working with a relatively new framing technique for photographers that gets the glass out of the way. This results in no glare and the widest possible viewing angle.

To do this, I print on inkjet media like canvas, watercolor paper, and several other paper types that can be coated with a protectant that keeps the print safe from UV and all environmental hazards that normally destroy a print over time.

The result of this printing and framing technique are works of art that seem to 'jump off the wall.' They are being very well received and seem to get people much more excited than the traditional printing and framing techiques that have been the mainstay of photographers for generations.

Print Size (inches)

Approx. Prices (USD)

6x9, 8x10 $15.00
8x12 $25.00
10x14, 10x16 $40.00
12x16, 12x18 $50.00
14x20, 14x22 $60.00
16x20, 16x24 $80.00

Canvas gallery wraps are also very popular right now. I do all the printing and assembly work myself, which means you can purchase a piece from me and immediately hang it on your wall, without the need to take it to a professional framing shop and spend a lot more money. Again, this type of presentation really jumps off the wall. Many people aren't certain if it's a photo or a painting because the presentation style is so unique. The gallery wraps are also coated with a protectant that ensures easy maintenence (just a feather duster). This sealant protects them from both UV and environmental conditions that can often harm traditional prints.

I still print on a variety of traditional photo papers that can be mounted in traditional ways. Here are some of those choices explained:

  • Photo Paper / Premium Gloss: The best detail and color reproduction, but the reflected glare is a huge problem unless you are willing to use museum quality glass (which is expensive).

  • Photo Paper / Luster: This paper produces good detail and color but isn't nearly as reflective as a gloss paper and so there is less glare. You might have the best image ever, but if you can't see it because of the glare, you've got a problem. So this paper is a good choice for reducing reflected glare, but retaining good detail, color and pop.

  • Photo Paper / Pearl: This paper has more texture than the Luster but similar qualities.

  • Watercolor (Elegance Velvet from Breathing Color): I love this paper for it's texture, color reproduction, detail and lack of reflected glare. An excellent choice for any image where texture is emphasized. I use it for almost all of my digital art prints which have been heavily manipulated in Photoshop.

  • Canvas: Certain images are just made for canvas. The beauty of canvas is that there is no need for any sort of glass to get in the way of the image when framed. So, no glare, and the widest possible viewing angle. The canvas is coated with a protective sealant which makes it more expensive to produce, but it's as good as putting UV protective glass in front of your image. Canvas can be diffcult to mount, and therefore is usually more expensive to get framed, and doing it yourself is usually not a good option. The good news is -- "gallery wraps" are done entirely by me. They come ready to hang on your wall and are typically the most cost effective way to immediately put art on your walls.

  • Japanese Traditional Papers: These are highly textured, many are not meant for use on an inkjet printer and therefore have to be prepared using a special coating. But for the right image, the result is amazing. This paper is best for digitally manipulated images where texture is the key and losing detail and color gamut is not a problem. The result is much more artistic than traditional photography. They tend to look more like paintings. But mounting and framing can be tricky and expensive.

My Epson 7900 is capable of making prints up to 24 inches wide. If you desire a print larger than that I use ADG Printing in Lynnwood and will have to get a custom quote for you based on the size and choice of paper.

I try to match the right paper to the right image to maximize it's potential. However, unexpectedly good results sometimes happen when someone asks me to try printing an image on a paper I wouldn't normally consider. So if you have experience with inkjet papers, know what you like, or just have an intuitive hunch, I am willing to indulge all sorts of special requests. I prefer to make prints as people buy them so that each one is done according to exactly what someone is looking for, rather than offering only "what you see is all that you can get" type of service. But I do have a reasonably large inventory on hand most of the time.


Your own Photo's?

Also, if you have taken an image and would like it to be professionally edited in Photoshop and printed to the highest standard, I often do this for customers as well. Even my own images seldom come off the camera without some sort of Photoshop work needed to edit them and bring out the best in each image. Anyone who tells you otherwise is fibbing. ALL images require some sort of editing, whether thats done digitally or in an old school darkroom, it's basically the same thing. Everyone does it, some do not admit it. It's quite rare to take an image off the camera that needs nothing done to it. Some little tweak can always be done to make a good photo a great photo, or even taking a great photo and turning it into a phenomenal photo. So no matter how good your photography is, if you're not editing your work before printing, chances are it's not the best it could possibly be.

I do some traditional framing myself. All the canvas gallery wraps are done by me and meet professional standards. Smaller prints are also available already matted (8x10, 11x14 for instance), allowing you to just drop them into a frame that you can buy at one of many stores that sell affordable frames. I am not a professional framer, so if you want it done to the highest standards, buy a print and have it framed by a pro that you know and trust.


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