Froggy Friends

Pumilio Dart Frog


Another member of our home zoo.

This shot looks pretty cool printed on Epson canvas and mounted without glass.

They’re very small but interesting frogs as the brief description below from talks about their unique reproductive/parenting style.

Perhaps the most fascinating thing about pumilio is the fact that they are “egg feeders”.  In this group of species, the female not only carries each tadpole to an appropriate drop off site, but she then returns every few days to lay a clutch of unfertilized eggs for the tadpoles to eat. A female may care for as many as eight (two to four being a much more typical number) tadpoles at one time. These eggs are the tadpoles sole source of food, and efforts to raise them on other foods have so far been unsuccessful. Such a level of care is, to say the least, quite unusual in the ranks of amphibians.


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