It’s Good to be Lucky

The Gift of Spring

One of my old favorite sayings is — “it’s not always good to be good, but it’s always good to be lucky.”

I walk out my front door this morning and here is this amazing snail right next to my porch.  I’ve never seen another one like it, but then, I don’t normally go around looking for snails, so maybe they are not so rare.

Anyway, I think “he/she” looks a lot better than the big brown slugs that are trying to eat my garden lettuce.

So, I grab my camera, slap on the 100mm macro lens, and as more luck would have it, the fern the snail is pictured on has just come out from it’s winter rest a few feet away, so I plunk the snail onto a fern branch and start shooting like a madman.

I expected the snail to not be really happy about getting repeatedly lifted and placed into various shooting angles which work better for the light and composition, but nope, this dude was on a mission to get somewhere, and fast, so he wasn’t wasting a moment inside his shell.  Atta Boyeee.

If that isn’t blind luck, I don’t know what is.  I’ll take it!

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