Business Plan of The Week

OK, so it’s not really a new plan, it’s just that I consider myself “The Buddha of Procrastination” — and I’ve had this sales idea in the back of my head for far too long before doing anything even remotely resembling what one might call “action.”

I’ve finally gotten around to printing on canvas and doing gallery wraps. Which is pretty cool and was finally made easy by Breathing Color. This presentation style works well for most images, but it seems to work especially well for a lot of my “critter” shots.

Kaitlyn and I go to all the local reptile shows, since she loves just about everything in nature that can move, even the stuff that most people consider not very appealing.  At these shows, I’ve noticed that someone is selling just about everything imaginable, including jewelry, but no one is selling photos, prints or cards of reptiles and amphibians (the very thing that people are there to look at and potentially buy).

I’ve wanted to jump into that niche and see how it goes for well over a year now, and I’ve finally gotten off my lazy butt and started to get organized.  So look for updates here about the shows I’ll be attending next year, as well as new photos of some exotic and colorful creatures.

The “thumbnail” frog pictured above is a “Green Imitator” dart frog from South America.  It was bred in the US, not taken from it’s native habitat.  I have 4 of them sitting in a vivarium about 12 inches from this keyboard.  A male frog in that tank loves to call all day long, with a sound that’s similar to a high pitched bird call.

I’m sure most people walk into my office and think, in the comedic whisper voice of Jim Gaffigan — “that guy is really weird” … but hey, it’s fun.

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