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As you can tell from the name of this post, this is not about my art or photography, but about the art created by my daughter Kaitlyn and the sculpture of Mike O’Day.

In addition to creating his own art, Mike works with a lot of the local schools helping to teach the kids about ceramic sculpture  and it really gets them interested in this art genre.  Because of the whimsical and often magical/fantasy quality that his work projects, the kids are really drawn to it and excited to work with Mike any chance they get.   Kaitlyn is especially excited to see Mike and his creations when he comes to our house/studio for the Edmonds Art Studio Tour each September.  She’s already asked me about when is the next EAST show (Sept 21-22, 2013).

Mike had seen several drawings made by Kaitlyn over the last few years that interested him because, like Mike, she likes to create creatures that are not real, but are imaginary combinations of real or mythical animals, which is definitely Mike’s “gig.”  So we started to talk about how he might create a piece based on one of Kaitlyn’s ideas; embarking on this project without letting Kaitlyn know what we were up to.

“Snagonish” drawing by Kaitlyn

During EAST 2012, Mike asked her to create some drawings for him of mythical creatures, one of which is this critter to the right.

Once Mike and Kaitlyn decided on a drawing that they both liked, they decided to give it a mythical name, which is the “working text” you see on the drawing.

Mike also asked Kaitlyn what colors she thought this creature should be and made some notes about that.  She still had no idea that this was going to become a sculpture for her.

Obviously the next step was for Mike to go off and start his ceramic sculptural process; which he talks about here on his website.   But the end result was this really cool sculpture that is about 12 inches in height.  As you can see, Mike did a great job of staying true to Kaitlyn’s drawing, despite the challenges presented by rendering this creature in clay.  I did a lot of ceramics in both high school and college, so I can really appreciate how tough this one had to be to get through the entire process without parts breaking off or cracks showing up.

“Snagonish” by Mike O’Day

Kaitlyn was surprised to see Mike at our door one day with a box in hand, and didn’t really know what to say once Mike carefully pulled this sculpture out of the box.

I think she was in shock.  LOL.  I had told her nothing about this project, or that Mike was even coming over to our house that day.

She loves “Snaggy” and he sits in our dining room, which seems like the place least likely for an accident to happen.

ps … If you already viewed this post, I re-shot the image; didn’t like the first one all that much.

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