Seattle Center & Chihuly

spaceNeedle_ChihulyWe finally managed to stop in at the Chihuly Garden and Glass exhibition at Seattle Center this past weekend.  Kaitlyn loves the Seattle Science Center and who can blame her, but even as we’ve watched this new Chihuly exhibit rise up from nothing, once completed we kept walking right by it to the point where it’s now one year old.

I figured it would be cool, even awesome, but I had no idea it would be as spectacular as it is; so if you live in the Puget Sound area or you’re just visiting make sure to check it out.

seattle_center_butterfly1The image above is worked over in photoshop quite a bit to add some interesting effects which should print out well on canvas.

We also stopped at the butterfly exhibit as usual, where it’s really easy to fill up my camera’s CF card by holding down the trigger on the camera like it’s a machine gun.  It’s fun hearing that rapid fire shutter sound, but sorting through “the mess” can get tedious.  I only brought one card with me this time and I almost filled it; but sadly, no real kick butt shots in the lot.  Just this pretty average one.

And finally, I captured this shot of a wall catching the reflected light from Chihuly’s “ceiling room” which I doubt any photographer can walk by without taking a shot.


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