Renton Reptile Expo (and Art Show)

0050OK, so I added the “and Art Show” to the title with my tongue so firmly planted in my cheek it almost hurts.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by my table on May 11th in Renton and chatted me up, and a BIG thanks to those who bought something, even if it was just a card or two, since that helps to support what for me is not something that helps to pay the rent, but something I do because I love it (still hoping for that ever elusive “perfect photo”).

Since I’ve never seen a photographer selling at one of these shows which I’ve been attending with my 9-yr old daughter Kaitlyn since she was 4, I think some people weren’t quite sure what to make of me and my setup.

People came to buy reptiles and supplies, probably not art, cards, or photos.  The feedback of my work was really positive, especially from some of the other vendors who’ve been doing these shows for years as part of the reptile business.  I didn’t sell as many big ticket items as I would have liked to, but did well enough to cover my costs to get into the show.  Hopefully, if I keep attending these events people will start to anticipate the idea of buying interesting photo’s of some of their favorite pets, or even some of my more traditional photos for “normal people“.  ;o)

0090All of this helps to encourage me to work hard to get the shots that are floating around my brain into my camera.  Some of the dart frogs in my house I consider to be some of the most incredibly beautiful creatures on this planet.  The problem is, they REALLY do not like having their pictures taken, which was a phase my daughter went through from about 4-7 years old. However, the frogs are probably not going to grow out of that camera shy phase.

So the trick now is to invent a way to get these images in a practical manner that doesn’t overly freak out the frogs, and make me wish I was cleaning toilets for a living.  But I think I’ve finally got a plan that might work and I hope to be posting pictures of these critters here soon that arent just lucky accidents, but the images that I really do have planned out.

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