Edmonds Arts Festival 2013


June 14, 15 & 16, 2013
Friday & Saturday 10a-8p; Sunday 10a-6p

For those who have never been to the Edmonds Arts Festival (EAF) or don’t know about it, the Frances Anderson Center and field in the heart of Edmonds gets taken over by the Festival on Father’s Day weekend.  This isn’t just a stodgy art show in some sterile museum like atmosphere, it’s a major party event not to be missed, especially if the weather is favorable.  There’s plenty of activities to keep the kids entertained while parents browse the arts and crafts; with lots of good food vendors there to keep you fueled up.  Because if you want to see it all, including the juried galleries and the rooms filled with art from local schools that were also juried into the show, you’re going to need the better part of an entire day.

I was able to get several 13×19 canvas gallery wrap pieces into this years show.  If last years juried photography gallery was any indication, my work will be the worst stuff in the room.  Last year my Cairns Sunrise was in the show, and I’m not being overly humble in saying my work pales in comparison to the overall level of work in that gallery.  It was probably the best it’s ever been since I started attending the show.  My bind was moggled!

Here’s the two photos that made in this year:


Forgotten Truck


Hungarian Texture

Because you never know what a judge is looking for, I usually toss in an entry that’s kind of off the wall. Almost every time I submit something that I think is a “can’t miss” photo, it doesn’t make the cut, so now I’m starting to use the George Costanza theory — go with the opposite of what you think is right. Here’s my “George Costanza” submission for this year; that didn’t make the cut.   How ironic that it’s named “Missed the Party.”


Missed The Party

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