Butterflies Gone Wild

IMG_1279_forWebI have this bad habit of shooting a lot of images in a day, downloading them to my PC and then letting them sit there for awhile. In a few cases, it’s been years before I get back to them.  Sometimes photos are like wine, they get better with age, but usually it’s just me doing what I do best — procrastinate.

I finally got serious about going back through a ton of butterfly images I’ve been accumulating from trips to the Seattle Science Center Butterfly House ever since it was discovered by Kaitlyn around age 4 (5 years ago now).  Some of the images are fairly new, shot with my Canon 5D mark3, and some are really old, just sitting there waiting to be worked over in Photoshop.

As it turns out, it’s been good for some images to age, as the old ones had some digital noise in them when shot with my older cameras.  With the recent addition of some new plugins for Photoshop from Topaz Labs which clean up images and add a lot of new controls, I can now do things that were not possible before.  The end result is that I’ve edited so many butterfly images that I had to start re-organizing my Galleries — eventually creating a totally new gallery just for all the butterfly pics.

 _5D_5586-2a _5D_5633

But once the procrastination is over with,  it’s not enough to just re-organize one or two galleries, the whole gallery system needs a facelift now, so that should be coming along in the next couple of weeks, which gives me a chance to toss out some old really average images and put in some newer ones.

More butterfly images are located in the Digital Art gallery.  What separates digital art from photography when most digital images are processed in some way in Photoshop?  This is a debatable topic in the photo world, but for me, if I manipulate an image with Photoshop or some other PC app, and I do something to it that could not be done in a darkroom, creating an effect that was not possible using traditional photographic techniques, then for me it’s now “digital art.”   That’s a fairly strict interpretation, but it works for me.

The following image is an example of this, since the background has been radically altered from the original.


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