Living Art

Anyone who knows me well, knows we have a zoo in our house with critters like these:

clown_treeFrog_forBlogBut the “living art” isn’t just the creatures, it’s the terrariums in which they live.

Most tanks have exotic plants in them and lots of design elements go into the planning and building process.  As these tanks age, plants will sometimes spontaneously spout, usually it’s species that I like and they work out.  Sometimes you have to weed out these mini-gardens.  Currently I’m starting to sell the older tanks to make room for some new ones that are based on entirely different construction materials and layouts.

Here’s two that are being sold through Craig’s List, as well as upcoming Reptile shows:

frog_tank1Both of these tanks started off life as fish tanks that I converted for use as frog tanks.

orb1Hopefully these sell at a decent price to make room for the new tanks which were designed from the beginning to be frog tanks, not fish tanks.  New homes for guys like this:


Update: Sept 2015 … the tanks pictured in this post have sold, as have several others.  If you’re interesting in anything like this, just contact me.

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